/ Ted Langenbach

Ted Langenbach

Party Guru. Pioneer. Forecaster. When it comes to talent scouting and club culture, Ted is your go-to. He is the creativity behind NOW&WOW and MTC, and has an unstoppable thirst to keep Rotterdam open-minded, pushing creativity to the forefront of every project. Over the past years, Ted has been active as a consultant for large cities, cool brands and cultural institutions. His ideas and initiatives have led to a huge boost in the Netherlands’ cultural domain. He loves to explore the world, always in search of innovation.

Where’s Ted @?

Saturday 28th of July @ Milkshake Festival, Amsterdam

Saturday 26th of May @ FERRY, Rotterdam

Friday 18th of May @ The Performance Bar, Rotterdam

Saturday 24th of March @Boathouse, Rotterdam Kralingen

Saturday 3rd of March @Museum Rotterdam (Museumnacht)

Saturday 27th of January @ Ferry Rotterdam

Friday 26th of January @IFFR, Rotterdamse Schouwburg, kleine zaal

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